YLI RibbonFloss - Metallic

YLI RibbonFloss - Metallic
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100 YD spool

Quilt Highlights and Ribbon Floss (on a spool) from YLI Corporation are a collection of embellishment products that I use and love. Their color variety allows a large choice for color matching and or color spicing and because of the size/weight is a perfect choice for making my Trims / Embellishments that I create on my SewkeysE Stay Tapes. I use them in my serger in the upper and/or lower loopers and recommend that you use a sling to thread the loopers as the product is very soft and does not have the stiffness of regular threads. I also use a Thread Director on the serger to create a horizontal dispersal. See the Thread Director on sale in my web site Shoppe under notions.

These products may also be used for embroidery, punch needle, smocking, couching, crocheting, knitting, and decorative serging.